Monday, May 31, 2010

World Milk Day

On 30th of May 2010, the World Milk Day event was held at Pavilion, KL. Most of the uniform troop such as scouts, guides, St. Johns, Cadet Police and more are invited to join this mega event We are all being invited to join this event and spread the goodness of milk.

This event was organized by Dutch Lady dairy company. It was started on 8a.m. until 12p.m. All the participants are gifted a goodie bag, which contains event T-shirts, 2 packets of milk, McD voucher worth RM10, and 1 bottle of mineral water. Sounds interesting??

This event has attracted so many local and also foreign tourists to join and share along the goodness of milk. We had a good time sharing the milk and photo shooting together. This may also become a good chance for us to meet other rover members.

We drink the milk on 11a.m. sharp. It is also break the Malaysian Book of Records to become the most people drink milk on the same time. Approximately 2500 participants joining us to drink milk together. This was so fun!!!

We hope that the coming world milk day would be fun and meaningful. Again, we had a joyful and pleasant moment that day.

Friday, April 30, 2010

Service at Kota Damansara Community Forests

Today is the Earth Day. Bangsar Scouts were helding an event which involved the public to join. We contribute our service with other rovers together such as Rover D. Overall, this is a very successful events and we hope that there are more activities coming and we would participate with a higher percentage in the future.
Details as follows:
Date: 22nd April 2010
Venue: Kota Damansara Community Forests
Members involved:(can ppl please update me about this...)

Once again I need to emphasize our Rover's slogan: Service for Others.
Please involve yourself more in the coming service events.
We appreciate your contribution so much.

Jolly Scouting.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Service at Majlis Penganugerahan Pengakap Raja dan Pingat-Pingat

We gave service to the WPKL HQ in this events. This is a mega event as all the leaders and King Scouts had attended this ceremony. Unfortunately our Datuk Bandar didn't exposed himself that day due to his busy schedule. Details as follows:
Date: 3rd April 2010
Venue: Dewan Auditorium, Bangunan DBKL
Members involved: Melvin, Emily

We are glad to see all those King Scouts receiving their award with joy and laughter. We also paying fully respect for every scouts who receive awards on stage.

We congrats to our Rover B members who also get their King Scouts award:
1) Chai Jiun Jye
2) Chan Tjun Hon, Danny
3) Chee Liat Kong
4) Leong Kok Peng
5) Marcus Yong Chee Kuan
6) Tan Loon Sheng
7) Tan Yeong Jieh
8) Chua Woon Kit

Hope our King Scouts are able to give their service to the community and also our environments.
Once again, congratulations.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Sijil Pendaftaran Krew

At last, the crew certificate is established.

Details as follows:
Crew name: Pengakap Kelana "B"
No. Pendaftaran: M10158
Date of issue: 17 March 2010

Thanks for help of our Pemimpin-pemimpin.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

New Position and Substitution

Well, during the gathering night, we were also discussed about the new position and substitution of our AJK members. I would like to introduce to all:

Pengarah Program: Chang Mekie
Bendahari: Chang Mexen(which substitutes Danny Chan)

So far, our latest AJK members are as follows:
Ketua Krew: Melvin Sheak
Pen. Ketua Krew: Chai Jiun Jye
Setiausaha: Chua Woon-Kit
Bendahari: Chang Mexen
Kuartermaster: Emily Tang
Pen. Kuartermaster: Tan Loon Sheng
Pengarah Program: Chang Mekie

Updated from 20 February 2010.

Friday, February 19, 2010

New Year Gathering

We went to our members' house: Chang's family for a gathering + BBQ.
We welcome back our member: Wong Sereen, who is just came back from Taiwan for her study holiday, to join us for this event.
This was quite fun actually.
Location: Bandar Sungai Long
Time: 8.30 pm
We also met some of our colleague from Tsun Jin. They were all girl guides in their school ages. And they are now servicing for their school as a teacher now.
The scene was so warm and full with happiness. We awaits for more and more gathering in the future.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Singapore scouts visit to Malaysia DAY 4 on 17 Dec 2009

We depart from YMCA to Tugu Negara which is also called National Munument. We met other rover B members there and talked about history of Malaysia. After photo shooting, we head to Lake garden nearby and start our exciting activities right away.

They separated themselves into 5 patrols leading by 1 of the rover to participating in those activity. We had the games done there as below:
1. Go to the small island nthe middle of the lake.
2. Counting steps on the staircase heading to Memorial of Tun Abdul Razak.
3. Visit Herbs Park.
4. Estimation on the old big tree.
5. Searching for dinosaur in the Dino Park
6. Visit to Deer and Mousedeer park.
7. Visit to Planetarium Negara.

During these activities, they have been rushing throughout the park. Although this is quite tiring, but I think they have enjoyed during this.

The activity next would be the most happiest things they've ever made--- SHOPPING!!!
We depart to Zonice scout shop at Kepong and have their free time to swap all the scouts item. This is quite a good experience to follow them as you can see how a shopaholic shops in a shops... Just joking. But seriously, they really bought a lot during this visit.

They get back to YMCA to clean themselves. Then we had our dinner nearby. Unfortunately, they cannot eat together as the religous problem encountered. So sorry to all Muslimin and Musliman. Hope that you enjoy your last dinner in Malaysia.

After having a very delicous dinner, we went to YMCA to have a short completion for activity these days. We give them a basket of fruit and thanks to their welcome and forgiveness for mistake we have done these days. The endless night begins...